What is Christmas?


Love that knows all but loves still.

Love that brings out the best in you.

Love that gives with no expectation of return.

Love that stands the test of time.

Love that cannot be explained in words.


Laughter at and laughter with.

Laughter that brings tears.

Silly laughs

Belly laughs

Stress relieving laughter because of true joy.


Quick hugs that speak volumes.

Tear filled hugs sharing pain and loss.

Hugs that need no words.

Hello and goodbye hugs.

Hugs you want to last forever.


Cook, taste, eat, clean up, repeat

Mema, Granny, Nonni, Gammy, GG memories.

Hot cocoa and pan toast.

Old recipes

Traditions that continue when life does not.


Pallets and sleeping bags

Blow up mattresses

Under cover giggles

Cousin time

Family cuddles and snuggles


Looking all year for the perfect present.

Wrapping gifts and ripping paper


The joy of giving.

Remembering the best gift of all.

The Message of Christmas…

The Creator’s love

His plan to save

Light of the world

A newborn babe

God in flesh

To walk this earth

Praise him for

The Savior’s birth

A sinless soul

A sacrifice

The blood of Christ

To save my life

But in this book

There is no end

He rose again

New life begins!

Do you know Him?

Have you heard?

It’s written in

God’s Holy Word.

My one desire

My greatest goal

Is to give you Jesus

In your soul

My prayer for you is for this message to find its way into your heart this season

And for your life to be forever changed! May you find peace and true joy as you make “the most important thing” the most important thing in you heart and in your home this Christmas. Make room for the Messiah has come.

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