Living Love with Kelly

Fostering a community of believers with a passion for creating and the Creator.

Paint & Praise

Join me for a very unique painting experience. Create a beautiful 16 x 20 painting. A Bible study and scriptures are represented in each design

From the Porch

Follow along as I share what the Lord has laid on my heart.  From travel stories to tales of pulling weeds in my back yard, the Lord is present in it all!

What's Paint & Praise?

Simply put, Paint & Praise is a place for women, men, wives, friends, mamas, husbands, and strangers to gather, create, and chat about their Creator.  Click the icon to view some images from our latest events.

Host an Event

Thinking of hosting a Paint & Praise event….Here’s what you need to know!
Classes last 2 ½ – 3 hours
Cost is $35 per person
A scripture devotional accompanies each painting.

View the Gallery

View the Gallery of paintings you can choose from for your next get together!

I am a follower of Christ, Wife, Mom, Teacher, Musician and Artist. I am an observer of people and nature and am working on learning how to truly “live love”. I talk to birds and butterflies, have been known to rescue baby snakes, love to get my hands dirty in the flower garden, and can lay on the sidewalk at night and watch the moon and stars for hours. I just love living!

Be the Change

I have watched our country as an enormous storm of evil has rolled in with a vengeance in an attempt to steal, kill, and destroy all that is good and right. What I am seeing is not anything new. The history books tell the story over and over. However, the world is a...
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The Desert Experience

The desert is not a comfortable place physically, neither is it a pleasant place spiritually or creatively. I have been in all three and more than likely you have too. At this very moment I am experiencing one of the driest, hottest, most uncomfortable desert...
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To Be a Daddy

I know this is longer than my usual posts but I hope you will take the time to read all of it. Share it with your family and friends. It is a work of love. It has been almost 39 years since my Daddy passed away. He was a gentle, quiet soul. He wasn’t one to travel...
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Lessons from the Rain

Lessons from the Rain I’ve been sitting in the camper while it rains, listening to the sound of the drops on the roof and watching it bounce off the little pond. I am once again reminded of the incredible way that God created nature to mirror life so that we could...
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When Big Trees Fall

Can I tell you a little secret? Big trees are going to fall. Yep, they have, they do, and they will. There will be extensive damage.  Some damage will be immediately visible and some will be buried deep beneath the rubble. Things around the tree will be destroyed in a...
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In Search of the Quiet Water

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Willing to Give it All

The impact of this Sunday School lesson I prepared for last week continues to resonate in my soul for my own life. I decided I needed to share it here because God has just not allowed me to let it go. Sometimes we all need a reminder of the importance, value, and...
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Final Lesson from the Holy Land – Lesson 21 – Jesus Lives

We have made it to the final post of my Lessons from the Holy Land series. There is so much more to say, but it seems that, at least for now, we will end here.  Although this is the end of my series of lessons, praise God it really is just the beginning! The lifeless,...
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Lessons from the Holy Land – Lesson 20 – The Crucifixion

Golgotha Jesus went to the cross for you and for me.  The culmination of every moment in the past, present, and future comes to completion in three days.  Regardless of all the arguments, one fact remains.  The man called Jesus laid down His life for all of humanity....
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Lessons from the Holy Land – Lesson 19 – The Garden of Gethsemane

The Garden of Gethsemane is such a beautiful place. The olive trees, some of them hundreds of years old, stand as a reminder of the incredible history of this garden. A relief sculpture in the area catches my eye. The anguish and pain is captured beautifully by an...
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