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Sample Paintings –

Check back soon because there will be sample paintings for sale again after we get started with new classes for the new year. Most paintings sell for $35 and it costs $12 in shipping for a total of $47 dollars. Of course, if you are close to Corsicana and want to pick them up it is just $35!

Christmas Cards

“The Message” Christmas cards are here! I am so excited to offer my most favorite painting for Christmas as a card! A package of 12 is $15.50 and then it costs $2.50 per package to ship them. You can click on the “Pay for a Class” button and it will take you to my tiny little store.

The story behind the painting… I had been praying that God would give me a design for Christmas that would tell the story of Christ from birth through second coming. I had several sketches on the table but I knew they weren’t “the one”. I woke up in the middle of the night with this painting on my heart.  I got up and sketched it out because I was afraid I would forget parts of it. The Bible study came more slowly as I worked through the representation of each part of the painting. I am so thankful to God for answering my fervent prayer and giving me this painting.

This painting and the message that is represents has touched my heart so many times over the past two Christmases. Over 200 people have studied the message of Christ and painted this with me. I pray that each time it is hung in a home, the family will remember the true meaning of Christmas and that they will not be too busy to see and remember “The Message”.

The Message NBC 3Christmas Inner Final2 Christmas Inner Message small final (1)-2


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