880So, what would I do if I was told to take three months away from my life? Three months away from my current life. Wow! I would miss my life. But this topic from blogtember has definitely made me think. Many ideas have passed through my mind; would I clean every inch of my house, spend time with my Mom , go on a long cruise or take a tour of Scotland and Ireland?

But then it came to me. I am going to assume in this blog assignment that money is not an issue. This is exactly what I would do – I would spend my three months working with orphaned children. Many years ago, I had the privilege to go to Russia on a mission trip. The most meaningful time for me was the time we spent at the orphanages in St. Petersburg. You see, Phil and I were adopting when I became pregnant with our oldest daughter. We had been told that it was medically impossible for us to have children. God obviously had other plans. The thought of any child growing up without a parent is painful for me.

My youngest daughter went on mission to help orphaned children in Kitale, Africa. Her experience was similar. Since my husband’s parents were foreign missionaries, he spent part of his childhood in Kenya, East Africa and I might choose to go there and serve.

I might not be able to pinpoint the location, but I know that I would spend my entire time at the same location. I would work to build relationships. I would coordinate with www.shoesfororphansouls.com and make sure that these kids had decent shoes for their feet.I would partner with www.sweetsleep.org to provide bedding and mosquito nets for children who normally sleep on a dirt floor.  I would pray with the caregivers and offer help any way possible. I would sing and dance and play and hug and laugh and hug some more. I would love and love and love. And then I would probably cry and cry and cry.

In my act of service I know I would grow more aware of the suffering of others and more aware of how little it really takes to be at peace. I would learn how little it takes to survive. I know without a doubt that I would return a better person. And isn’t that what it is all about anyway? For the person I am today to be better than the person I was yesterday.

Oh how I wish this were not just a writing assignment for a blog. I pray that someday it will become a reality for me and for my family.