At my age you have to know that I have learned enough lessons to create a dictionary sized book.

I’ll just share of few of my little tidbits of wisdom. They just come from my life and I cannot take any of the credit.

  1.         Never do anything you would not want to be doing if Jesus came back. You never know when it’s going to be!
  2.         Your choice should always be to tell the truth.
  3.         Keep your words sweet and tender. You never know when you might have to eat them! Funny but true.
  4.         Learn something new every day.
  5.         Talk to God all the time about everything.
  6.         Try to find the best in everyone.
  7.         Pick your battles. Some are just not worth fighting.
  8.         Be thankful and appreciative for every blessing.
  9.         Listen more than you talk.
  10.         Live love every day.

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