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May your hands grow strong as you use them to

serve others

work hard

offer a soft embrace

lift someone up

hold onto truth

reach for your dreams

cling to God’s word


May your eyes be clear as you

not just read, but truly see God’s word

notice a need

recognize pain or desperation

gaze at God’s creations

observe life

look to your Savior for instruction and direction


May your ears hear

the softest cries for help

the voice of reason

the truth

the melodies of nature

the voice of God

May your mouth

speak good when evil is rampant

be the voice of truth

offer words of encouragement

build people up

comfort others

praise your Creator


May your heart

break for the lost world

despise evil

overflow with thanksgiving

feel deeply

practice compassion

practice love for all

surrender to the Father


May your spirit

live in peace

feel joy

desire God’s presence

Be one with the Creator of the Universe

May you always know that you are loved. As much as I love you, God loves you more. You bless my life every single day and I am thankful that God chose you to be my precious grandchild.

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