It’s amazing what God will share into the depths of your soul when you get still and listen.

God doesn’t want a new me. He wants me to be what He designed before I was ever born. He wants me to take all the experiences that have brought me to 2015 and use them to continue to grow. He wants me to continue to run my race. It’s not a new race, it’s the same race that started in 1959 and will go through eternity. This may not be a huge revelation to you but it is to me. God does not want a new me or a new you, He just wants all of who we are today! Praise God! So, here I am God…just Kelly here. But I’m all yours and we will just do life together one day, one moment, one step at a time.

This whole New Year’s resolution thing has been on my mind for weeks. So finally the time came to do the unthinkable…..sit still, invite God knee to knee, and listen. I said it would take prayer, courage, and honesty. Well, I had no idea how much.

I promised yesterday that I would share my heart so here it is…for 2015 or until God tells me differently.

If I truly desire to walk in fellowship with God I must resolve these things….

With God’s strength, wisdom, and leadership I resolve:

…to see the world through His eyes only.

…to not be afraid to feel the hurt and pain when I see the suffering of others.

…to be truly content and yet completely willing to move forward.

…to serve others unselfishly.

…to value myself as having a purpose in the big picture of this world.

…to speak and think only what is pleasing to Him.

…to always be ready and willing to share my faith in Jesus Christ.

…to allow God to be the judge and jury.

…to forgive.

…to laugh and cry freely.

…to listen.

…to cherish every moment.

…to take every opportunity to show love every day.

…to be willing to stand for what I believe regardless of the cost.

…to live a life of joy.

…to be myself – the soul that God put in this earthly body.

…to only expect of myself what God expects of me.

…to allow others to do the same.

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