I wonder if, when God looks at us from heaven, He sees something like the Texas wildflowers in Spring. The variety of colors offered to us in the Spring are beyond compare. The most amazing thing is that we do not work for this beautiful gift. God provides everything needed for this incredible display of natural art. Each flower is unique and colorful in its own way.

We are also a beautiful array of colors and sizes. Even though conceived by two parents, God provides everything we need for this beautiful gift of life. We create an incredible display of natural art. He loves His creation.

We grow and mature. Some of us mature faster than others. Some of us live longer. We are different colors, shapes, and sizes. Some of us are showy and some more plain. We tend to gather in groups and actually thrive in many conditions.

This year there were so many weeds and they grew so quickly. The weeds in some fields even took over the flowers. The beauty and color was still there, it was just hard to see it because of all the weeds. We too are surrounded by things that can steal our beauty and our joy. We are still beautiful but our beauty is hidden by things that we allow around us that are not healthy for our growth.

Wildflowers have to weather through the seasons. They have to give of themselves until they are completely spent in order to go to seed and create even more beautiful fields for future years. We certainly have seasons of life too and I’m not talking about weather! We have spiritual and emotional seasons. There are seasons where we feel our life is dormant and not really going anywhere.  There are seasons of newness and renewal and seasons where we thrive and everything is beautiful. We even have seasons where we give of ourselves and have to let go of things in order to have a chance to grow again in the future. There would be no fields of wildflowers if they did not give completely to form new seeds.

Most importantly, wildflowers must have the proper mix of rain, sun, and soil to be at their most beautiful. We are no different. The balance of worship, meditation on scripture, prayer, fellowship with other believers, trials, and joys are all necessary for us to be at our best and pass the beauty on to future generations.

When God looks at us are we growing alone in our field or have we given all of ourselves in order to create a field of beautiful Christians? When others look at us do they see beauty or weeds?

My prayer is that when God looks at us He sees fields and fields of believers because we have given everything for the cause of Christ.

Now He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness. 

2 Corinthians 9:10

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