So….thoughts seem to come to me at strange times. Today, sitting on a plane headed home from San Francisco (side note – yes, vouchers are wonderful) we have been surrounded by cloud cover almost the entire trip. I must admit, as one who does not travel often, it is an eerie feeling to know that, no matter how hard you try, you can’t see anything. The pilot can’t see anything either. Bur he has been trained to read the instruments and follow the plan that was set before him. He has been charged with keeping his passenger safe. I have to put my trust in him. What else can I do? I am 25,00+ feet in the air with two people I love and a lot of complete strangers. When I bought these tickets, I also placed the lives of my husband and my daughter in the hands of this pilot and this plane. So here I sit with my entire life placed in the hands of a perfect stranger. I trust his knowledge and his training. I trust that he desires for me to be safe and to reach my destination. It is an amazing thought that I have placed so much faith in this perfect stranger.

This brings me to my “flying” revelation. Why can I purchase a ticket and climb onto a plane with my family, completely trusting a pilot that I have never met and yet find it so hard to put my trust and faith in my own creator, my Savior? He has certainly invested a lot more in my life than this pilot or anyone else on this earth. He loves me so much that He gave His died for me. Faith should be just as easy for me as boarding a plane and trusting in the pilot. Faith in my creator should be as natural as breathing. I know Him in the very depths of my soul. I am humbled by this simple revelation and sitting in awe of how God uses everyday events to teach me new things about Himself. My goal this week is to trust him completely, naturally, and with no reservation. Would you join me?

Isaiah 26:3  “You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on You.”

See part 2 tomorrow. Something really amazing happened!!!

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