I have always dreamed of being a grandparent. There are not really words to adequately describe what happens to a family when a new life is brought into the world. As we are going through this amazing event I am trying to be very intentional in my daily observations of how our lives are changing and how God is revealing Himself to us through this precious child.

Nothing will ever compare to being pregnant with my own two daughters; hearing the heartbeat, feeling the first flutter of movement, carrying another life within myself. The thought of it puts a smile on my face and brings me to tears all at the same time. Watching my daughter experience pregnancy has been life changing for me.

Pregnancy brings a closeness to God that is different from any other life experience. God becomes so active and so real. I am realizing more and more that we are chosen to be the parents and grandparents of a child that is already planned and loved. Scripture says that God knew us before we were ever formed in our mother’s womb. He loved us before we were ever formed into a body. Psalm 139:13-16 and Jeremiah 1:5.

I am in awe that He would allow us to have such a vital role in creation! The God of the Universe, Creator of Everything gives us the privilege to take part in the creation process. I knew it. I felt it. I felt my child move and watched my child grow. But more than that, I felt the presence of God as He was creating this new life in me. And now…I have had the honor and privilege to see my child experience this same miracle.

I am seeing the love in our family increase exponentially as we love and care for this new life. God’s love through us really is limitless! The more we love, the more love He gives us. It is a well that never runs dry.

I pray that this precious grandchild will know the love of God because he has experienced that love through me.

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