I was looking over my resolutions for 2015 and wanted to share the list again for any of you who are new readers to this website. This list has made a definite difference in my life this year. There will be a new post tomorrow with something very exciting that God has been working through with me. However, my 2015 list is rolling over to 2016 and probably every year in the future. As I learn and grow things will be added. But for now, these are still some of my goals and I hope you will adopt a few for your list as well.

If I truly desire to walk in fellowship with God I must resolve these things….

With God’s strength, wisdom, and leadership I resolve:

…to see the world through His eyes only.

…to not be afraid to feel the hurt and pain when I see the suffering of others.

…to be truly content and yet completely willing to move forward.

…to serve others unselfishly.

…to value myself as having a purpose in the big picture of this world.

…to speak and think only what is pleasing to Him.

…to always be ready and willing to share my faith in Jesus Christ.

…to allow God to be the judge and jury.

…to forgive.

…to laugh and cry freely.

…to listen.

…to cherish every moment.

…to take every opportunity to show love every day.

…to be willing to stand for what I believe regardless of the cost.

…to live a life of joy.

…to be myself – the soul that God put in this earthly body.

…to only expect of myself what God expects of me.

…to allow others to do the same.