Smell the Rain

I love the smell of rain. Words can’t fully give a description of the aroma. Nor can words explain the feeling that comes over me when the breeze surprises my senses. It is a gift met with expectancy of moisture to come. I find myself searching the sky, longing for the cleansing rain that is hovering nearby.

Two weeks ago on a Sunday morning it happened. As I arrived early at church and stepped onto the parking lot, it was there…that familiar smell.

I searched the sky with hope that I would see the coming storm but there was not a thing in sight. I entered the building thankful at least for the reminder, in this hot Texas summer, that rain does still exist.

Then it happened. I saw it. But not where you think. I saw it in the smiles of the members coming to Sunday School. I knew by their faces that our dry, parched land was being cleansed. A refreshing renewal was taking place and I smelled it coming! And, you know what; there was a slow steady rain all day long. It was the kind of rain that softens the ground so that it can soak deep into the dry roots.

Sometimes the Holy Spirit sends a breeze across our lives to let us know that God is working. We have to be alert and pay attention; search our lives and the lives of others and watch intently, expectantly. Wait for it. It will come! The gentle stream of renewal and cleansing comes to our soul like the gentle rain on a parched land. It softens and heals, cleanses and renews, and quenches the thirst of our spirit for the Living Water.

Is your soul dry and parched? Do you need a gentle cleansing with the Living water? I smell it coming…do you?

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