Lesson from the Holy Land – Part 5 – Rubble, Rocks, and Sand

Civilizations will rise and fall but God’s Word still remains.  Nothing I have ever seen gives a clearer picture of this than our visit to Megiddo.  As I stand on the hill of what was Megiddo, the plain of Jezreel stretches across the horizon.  So many stories from this area run through my thoughts. Mount Carmel and Mount Tabor are in the distance.

But the Holy Spirit moved in my soul when I stood and looked at an area of excavation that is said to have over 30 visible eras of history. Remember the statue in Daniel 2? Silver, bronze, iron – they are represented here. Thousands of years of history, Biblical and secular events visible as rubble in the side of a mountain.

Grain silos, water cisterns, pottery kilns, homes, meeting places – they are all here.  The creativity, workmanship, and determination of those who lived here are incredible.  But now, it is an archeological site devoid of any life other than the tourists that form a steady stream of foot traffic day by day. Ruins – rubble – rocks and sand. There is nothing useable left and its only value, truthfully, is historical.  But the Word of God remains.  In the midst of the rubble are the stories of God working in and through the lives of His people. Stories of bravery and servanthood, miracles and sorrow, obedience and rebellion, life and death.

Someday, thousands of years from now, our own civilization will be a layer of excavated ruins.  What will be left?  I have no doubt that God’s Word remains.  But I can’t help but wonder what stories of faith from our society will still be told.  Are we leaving something behind besides rubble, rocks and sand?

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