Sometimes things do not go as planned. I thought I was the one taking the big trip in the family this week but I was mistaken.  My precious sister Lyn took the ultimate trip into eternity while I was in the Holy Land.  In the dark hours of the early morning the call came.  It is a call that we are never prepared for.  I have had too many of these calls in my 57 years.  Most of you can say the same.

The tears come. But my tears are not out of deep sadness this time as they have been before when I received this type of news.  My sister had been struggling as her health declined slowly and painfully.  My tears come from being so far away and not being able to stand beside my family and honor her.  My tears come from not being there to help my Mom and my other sister through this time.  But the smile you see through my tears comes in knowing that she is finally whole again.  Lyn taught me so much about life and about faith.  In her quiet way, she stood beside me and strengthened me when Daddy died.  She faced life one day at a time even in the midst of terrible hardships (losing her husband in a car accident) and disease (living 17 years after being told she had six months due to cancer) and she tried to teach me to do the same.

My journey here in the Holy Land took on a new layer of meaning as we continued on.  She would not have wanted me to cancel my trip and return home.  Lyn never was much of one for a big hoopla.  As a matter of fact, I think after a few angel choruses and some praising God and seeing some special people for her homecoming, she probably asked them to quiet down a little and tried to find a nice spot to read a book. 

So as the morning came and the sun rose again on a new day, I walked the streets where Jesus walked and imagined my sister and all of those that I love who have gone before me walking together in the presence of Almighty God.  I praise you my God and Savior for your promises and for your gift of life eternal. 

I might have been walking where Jesus walked, but my sister was actually walking with Jesus this very day. Hallelujah for a saint of the Lord to be called home and made whole again for all eternity.  I will see my sweet sister again.