Steering on any vehicle is vital. When the belt on our steering system broke we knew it was a serious issue. The current of the Amazon is very strong, especially when the water is rising. Our boat began to drift with the current. Thankfully the engine was still functioning and so we had a little control. The debris in the river always poses a danger. But when you can’t steer away from it the danger increases. Our crew worked quickly and the problem was fixed within 30 minutes. We had already drifted back over 2 miles before they got it fixed.

It came to mind how necessary it is for us to have an expert captain and a solid steering system. We have to stay connected to God through prayer and Bible study. When either our prayer or Bible study are broken we can be set adrift. There are dangerous currents in this world and when we don’t stay connected we can travel into dangerous territory very quickly.

God desires to be our captain; to guide and protect us through this dangerous journey. He gave us the most amazing steering system with prayer, scripture, and the presence of the Holy Spirit. Keep your steering system maintained. Read and study your map. Communicate with your captain. Listen to your guide. Do everything you can do to protect yourself from the dangers of being adrift.


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