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A boat out on the water is so peaceful and so relaxing. However, as a person who is not fond of being in the water – especially deep dark water – the surroundings can be terrifying. So the boat is the safe haven.  Choosing to stay in the boat makes perfect sense…unless you are a Christian.

Jesus said “Go ye therefore…”  The uttermost parts of the earth can be really scary places. But, you know what, so can your own neighborhood, or town, or state. For that matter, even your own home or family can be scary and intimidating when you are thinking about sharing your faith.

Let’s face it, God does not want us to just stay in our boat. He gives us instructions on how to live and I don’t think any of His instructions ever had to do with staying in the calm water on a safe boat.

Peter, bless his heart, gave us a great example.  He stepped out of the boat onto the dark water. He got a taste of walking on the water but he made a costly mistake. He took his eyes off Jesus. The water, the fear, the waves began to swallow him up. But Jesus didn’t let him drown. As believers, we are never left alone to drown in our own fears and weaknesses. The hand of Jesus lifts us from the dark water.

So what is your boat? What is your safe haven? Where do you hide? Is it your home, job, family, social life, activities; or is it a lack of confidence or fear? Is it your church?

Sadly, many churches are like cruise ships. Everyone is just along for the ride. It’s all about the scenery, the food, the entertainment, the relaxation, and about feeling good. Oh, my heart aches to think of the times I have stayed in my boat and watched as the word around me died without Jesus.

Friends, it’s time for us to get out of our boats. One step at a time with our eyes fixed on Jesus. Who knows, we might just walk on the water.