Sunrise with cup

What a wonderful way to start this new blog of mine! Welcome to my Mom’s back porch. Living love is easy from here. You see, I have laughed and cried on this porch. I have shared dreams and disappointments, built relationships, and watched my children play right here in this very spot. I think there is a place in heaven that looks and feels just like this.

Living love finds its source right here in the roots and branches of my family. I am blessed beyond measure and I am so glad I get to share it with you this morning.

There are so many things I want to share with you. But to my new friends, let me just share my morning and these things that I love.

The sun hadn’t quite made its appearance when I walked out the back door. Just a faint glow gave a promise of the new day.  A doe and her sweet little fawn peeked around the edge of the hill and silently fled to safety. As the sun lifted quietly over the horizon, the old rooster from a house in the distance broke the silence and announced the coming of a new day.

As I now take my usual spot, birdsongs joyously float over the gentle, cool breeze. Without a word being spoken, the God of the universe has been praised by His creation.

A little hummingbird flits to the feeder only to be disappointed that it has run out of the sweet nectar.  He will return because he knows Mom will always provide for him.


As the light fog begins to lift from the ground, I can see the steeple of the church where I was raised, accepted Christ, baptized, attended the funeral of my dad and many other family members, and where I was married.

Right before my eyes, a new day has begun. My heart is full. I don’t know what this day holds. But I know who holds this day! I have felt His presence and watched Him work this very morning and I am thankful.

So, the things I love this morning….

Sunrise, birdsongs, hummingbirds, deer, roosters, fog, church, and cool breezes in July

I could write a book, but for now, welcome to the porch. I hope you will brew a cup of tea and join me often. Let’s spend some time getting to know each other and living love.

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