My daughter Lauren is truly a gifted writer and I wanted to share with you her amazing words today.

We say we remember… but do we? Do we really?

Do we remember how hate had no place in the days immediately after 09.11? – love and servanthood was our first response.

Do we remember mourning the loss of those we did or didn’t know without wondering what their political party or race was?

Do we remember knowing war was imminent? And how it made us look to our armed forces with hope and comfort and support?

Do we remember the determination of people banding together and searching rubble for days on end? And those who saw the physical needs of those searching and rose to meet them with food, water, encouragement, etc?

Do we remember currency shifting? Not the actual dollar but our determination of what was most valuable. It shifted from money to time, life well lived, I love you’s and hugs.

Do we remember truly valuing the lives of others and the well being of this country?

I just don’t know that we do, friends. I just don’t know.

We will see many remembrance posts today. Rightfully so, it was a day that was etched in the stone of my own soul so deeply I couldn’t possibly forget it. I know we remember the happenings vividly. But we’ve forgotten the nation that woke up on September 12. Battered, deeply wounded, but resolved to do better and be better. —Lauren Venable