Below the pictures you can read about this amazing vine!


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This is one of my favorite little plants. The best part, although I like many things about it, are the beautiful little puffs that form from the tiny white flowers. Each little puff holds three black seeds. Each black seed has a perfect white heart. Every time I open a seed puff I get a little emotional. I feel in my heart that the three seeds are reminders of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and each white heart is meant to remind us of being washed white as snow by His amazing love!

These are fast growing vines. They can overgrow if  you find a spot it loves and don’t manage it.  It likes full sun and well drained soil. For quicker growth and fruit, plant the seed indoors in late winter or early spring and plant outdoors after hardening off the seedlings when all danger of frost has passed. Or just wait and plant them in the soil after the last frost. Water really good and then allow it to dry between waterings once established. Give them a trellis, fence, or post to climb on. Help with the climbing at first. The vine will start to twine around itself after a couple of weeks and support itself. Gather the puffs when golden brown to make a display bowl to share with guests. Let them dry on the vine completely to harvest the seed to plant the following year. Although not considered a perennial in my part of Texas, most years I have little seedlings that sow themselves and come right up on their own! That’s always a fun treat! Allow the fruits to dry completely on the vine before harvesting them for seed

I love this plant. When the pods dry on the vine and the wind blows you will hear a gentle rattling from the seeds inside. Let this remind you that God wants you to listen.

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